VIHA’s First Website

Kudos to Lorin Jetter of Eloy Carmenate Group for designing our website, aided by our Secretary Clarisa Brignone and our Treasurer Janet Khamsi, as well as the technical support from Michael Fryd.


As you will see below, we are starting with the major announcement that we have filed a Petition with the Miami Dade Special Taxing District for UNDER-GROUNDING the Dilido – and San Marino Islands.

Apart from FP&L, the job will also involve AT&T and ABB using the same trench in for their lines. Some of us will come around this weekend collecting signatures as a 50% majority is required for approval.

We estimate the approval process to take about 6 months and then we need to get a timeline from FP&L. Our intent is to fold this job into our ongoing Streetscape in order to avoid additional digging and disorder.

For further info, please click here to read our letter explaining the project and answering questions from residents.


We are also trying to finalize the installation of LPRs ( license plate readers) on the Venetian Causeway and are looking into the pricing for Security Cameras on each of our islands.

Click here for further explination.

At the Commission Meeting on the 11th, we complained to the Administration that is has taken more than a year to get these cameras installed. The City Manager and the Public Works Director are now involved to get this completed asap.

We will keep you informed as these other projects get closer to completion.

Upcoming Bridge Closure

Last but not least: our bridges!

imageAs you have heard, the Western most part of the bridge will be completely rebuilt from ground-up. Start Date was to be Sept/Oct and duration 6 months ( let’s say a year).

Ahmad Khamsi and I went to the Commission Meeting on the 11th twice to express our concern and made 2 suggestions:

a. hold all bridge construction until at least the Alton Road project is finished and

b. once the bridge construction starts in April/May of 2015, change the Bridge Openings on the Easter Bridge ( near Belle Isle) during weekends to the same as on weekdays: on the half-hour and on the hour.


With best regards,

Jürgen Brendel