Letter from MBPD Captain Re; South Beach Triathlon

Good evening –

The 2016 South Beach triathlon will take place on Sunday morning, April  3rd, 2016. I have attached one document for your review (below).

It includes:

  1. Map of the race course
  2. Course Time Estimates identified by name of roadway

If you have plans for the morning, my suggestion is to carefully review the times, where you live / intend on going, and alternative routes to assist with your travels. Miami Beach Police and Parking Department Officers will be at intersections along the route conducting intermittent traffic control. Please be aware if you choose to travel near the race course, you will be delayed in reaching your destination so please leave early, or later in the morning.

The Miami Beach Police Department plans on “Live Tweeting” during the event to assist you with information. Please follow us on Twitter @MiamiBeachPD and share with friends, neighbors and members of your HOA.


Thank you,

Paul Acosta, Captain

Operations Division | Area 2 | Mid Beach


1100 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

305-673-7776 ext 5523 / Fax: 786-394-4265



South Beach Tri 2016- Traffic Impact Notice

Letter From CIP Coordinator – Construction on Venetian Islands

Good afternoon Mr. Brendel

As a follow-up from our discussions and information provided by the Project Engineer of Record (original landscape plans), below are questions that were forwarded to us by Mr. Eric Carpenter from his attendance at the Venetian Islands HOA meeting held last week:

  1. When will Rivo Alto be done (first lift)?

Lanzo is scheduled to be completed by this Friday, March 4, 2016.

  1. When will the lights be on (full neighborhood – broken down by island):

San Marino Island by end of March, Dilido by Mid-April and Rivo Alto by end of April.

  1. Are the old lights coming down?  When?

Once the lights are energize and accepted, FPL will coordinate with the City and schedule the removal.

  1. When will final lift be complete?

Late 2016.

  1. Landscaping:

The amount of canopy area to be replaced by the permit is 64,456 sq. ft. –  we are looking for direction from Commission on the handling of encroachments

Mr. Brendel, as always we are available to answer any additional questions, just call




Office of Capital Improvement Projects 
1700 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL 33139
 Tel:  305.673.7071

Fax: 305.673.7073


VIHA Annual Meeting – February 24th

We would like to inform you that the Venetian Islands Homeowners Association (VIHA) is holding a membership meeting on February 24th at The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens.  We encourage all Homeowners to attend as the following important issues affecting our neighborhood will be discussed.

  1. Election of Officers (See form attached please fill out and email back to us prior meeting to: secretary@venetianhomeowners.com)
  1. Undergrounding of Public Utilities
  1. CIP (Capital Improvements Projects) Streetscape
  1. Open Discussion Forum

 Meeting Details:

Where:      The Miami Beach Botanical Gardens  (2000 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach)

Date:         February 24th 2016

Time:         6:30PM  (Refreshments and light fare will be served)

All Venetian Islands Homeowners are invited!!  Also if you have not become a member please do so the association works hard on your behalf but we need further participation from the residents of our community.


Venetian Islands Homeowners Association (VIHA)


Letter from VIHA President Re Installation of Pumps

Dear Resident,

We are nearing the completion of our Streetscape Project on all Islands – yet one last step needs to be accomplished to make this a successful project:  The installation of the pumps in the Right of Ways (ROWs).

As you have realized in the recent street flooding, the drainage of rain- or seawater through gravity is not sufficient and takes too long. That’s why we need to install modern pumps that push the water out into the Bay. This will add several million dollars to the Streetscape Project.

It has come to our attention that the residents, who live adjacent to the ROWs ( there are 2, at each end of the island which will be used) who oppose the installation of these pumps for the simple reason that they ‘don’t like them in their backyard’.

As background on the ROWs, it was clearly established by the City’s Counsels, last in 2010, that all ROWs belong to all the residents of the Islands, with the proviso that the City reserves the right to use the ground below the ROWs for utility and drainage outflows.

Now, the 12 residents living next to these ROWs are trying to cancel or delay the installation of these pumps – for the reasons mentioned above. This would in essence defeat or minimize the   entire Streetscape Project as the flooding would continue.

The MB City Commissioners will discuss the issue at their next meeting on Dec. 9th, but we would like to receive your opinion on this issue prior to this meeting by letting the Board of VIHA know at your earliest convenience by sending us an email either at;


or any of the undersigned

With best regards,

Jürgen Brendel, Pres VIHA   juergen.brendel@gmail.com

Ahmad Khamsi, VP              akhamsi1955@gmail.com