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Miami Marathon this Sunday Jan 24th – Community Notice

Please see attached information on the Miami Marathon coming up: The route has been changed (since the venetian is closed) and the Macarthur will be used in and out.

Miami Marathon Course Map 2016

Miami Marathon Course Map 2016 Miami Marathon and Half Marathon 2016 Turn by Turn


Letter from VIHA President Re Installation of Pumps

Dear Resident,

We are nearing the completion of our Streetscape Project on all Islands – yet one last step needs to be accomplished to make this a successful project:  The installation of the pumps in the Right of Ways (ROWs).

As you have realized in the recent street flooding, the drainage of rain- or seawater through gravity is not sufficient and takes too long. That’s why we need to install modern pumps that push the water out into the Bay. This will add several million dollars to the Streetscape Project.

It has come to our attention that the residents, who live adjacent to the ROWs ( there are 2, at each end of the island which will be used) who oppose the installation of these pumps for the simple reason that they ‘don’t like them in their backyard’.

As background on the ROWs, it was clearly established by the City’s Counsels, last in 2010, that all ROWs belong to all the residents of the Islands, with the proviso that the City reserves the right to use the ground below the ROWs for utility and drainage outflows.

Now, the 12 residents living next to these ROWs are trying to cancel or delay the installation of these pumps – for the reasons mentioned above. This would in essence defeat or minimize the   entire Streetscape Project as the flooding would continue.

The MB City Commissioners will discuss the issue at their next meeting on Dec. 9th, but we would like to receive your opinion on this issue prior to this meeting by letting the Board of VIHA know at your earliest convenience by sending us an email either at;

or any of the undersigned

With best regards,

Jürgen Brendel, Pres VIHA

Ahmad Khamsi, VP    

Letter from MBPD – Car Burglaries in Miami Beach

Good morning Mid Beach Residents,


Last week in continuing efforts to provide awareness about crime citywide, our PIO Ernesto Rodriguez teamed up with Local 10 News to profile vehicle burglaries in our city.

Between early June to early July, Mid Beach has seen an increase of 32% in vehicle  burglaries. More than half of those burglaries were to UNSECURED/UNLOCKED vehicles. So together they went out to areas in Mid Beach where residents were victims. As you will see, many vehicles were discovered UNSECURED/UNLOCKED.

The police department has historically, sent out many advisories by email or through our newsletters, reminding residents that they must secure their vehicles. Some do, but most do not. Everyone must be mindful to the fact that most vehicle burglars do not want confrontation and want to go undetected. An open door or window is a prime target versus a “smash and grab”.

We really care about our residents, their privacy and reducing their chances from becoming a victim of a crime. Auto burglaries can lead to other related crimes such as credit card fraud or perhaps a residential burglary. Do not give the thief an easy way into your vehicle. Help us help you. Continue to spread the message to members of your HOA’s.

Local 10 Car Burglaries


All the Best,

Paul Acosta, Captain

Operations Division | Area 2 | Mid Beach


1100 Washington Avenue

Miami Beach, FL 33139

305-673-7776 ext 5523 / Fax: 786-394-4265



Prevent crime and enhance public safety.



We aspire to be a world-class agency, which protects our diverse community and serves as a model for character, innovation and service to meet the challenges of tomorrow.


Values: Professional, Accountable, Honest and Proud.


Our Daily Goals: Reduce crime and the fear of crime;Partner with the community to solve problems; Improve traffic safety; Operate the organization efficiently.

FDOT Alternative Project Workshop Meeting on Venetian Islands Bridge Study

Dear Project Advisory Group (PAG) Member:

Recently, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Six held an Alternatives Public Workshop (APW) for the project on May 13, 2015 at the Miami Beach Botanical Garden. For reference, please find attached minutes of the meeting. We appreciate your participation in this important project and value your input. Please let me know should you have any questions or need assistance regarding the project.

For more information about the project, please visit


Best Regards,

Tasha Cunningham

Consultant Public Information Manager

Florida Department of Transportation District VI


Phone: 305-335-8466


Project Website:


APW Meeting Minutes – Venetian 422713-2

Venetian Island Bridge Closer


Effective June 1, 2015

Effective Monday, June 1, 2015, Miami-Dade County will close the Venetian Causeway for essential repairs to the west bridge, to be completed early 2016.


The east bridge will be closed to marine traffic to allow motorists to be able to access and depart from the Venetian Causeway.


The City is working closely with Miami-Dade County and the City of Miami to ensure the safety of residents and tourists. During the construction process, use the MacArthur or Julia Tuttle causeways to travel to and from Miami Beach.


Venetian Causeway questions or comments, contact Frank Calderon, Communications Manager for Miami-Dade Public Works and Waste Management at

Visit the following links for complete traffic information and updates about construction in your area.
City of Miami Beach – click here
Florida Department of Transportation – click here and here
Miami-Dade County – click here
Tune into MB Radio 1670 AM for traffic reports or stream online.
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