Bridge Openings & Pedestrian Crossings

A discussion on the east Venetian Causeway Bascule Bridge in terms of current bridge activity levels and potential for further restrictions will be on the agenda for the September 27th Neighborhood/Community Affairs Committee (NCAC) meeting. Staff continues to request and analyze monthly bridge logs to ascertain how many exceptions to the restrictions and violations are occurring on a monthly basis and if restrictions during peak periods would be warranted. We will be presenting this information at the upcoming NCAC meeting in September.

As you are aware, the existing portable “Stop For Pedestrians In Crosswalk” signs that were placed at unsignalized intersections along the causeway are only a temporary approach to help improve pedestrian safety. The permanent solution endorsed by the City Commission consists of installing LED-illuminated crosswalks at the unsignalized crosswalk locations. We worked through the ongoing budget process to identify funding for design and implementation of these crosswalks in FY 2017/18. It is important to note that even if the funding is approved as part of the City’s proposed FY 17/18 capital budget, the implementation of these crosswalks is also contingent upon required warrant studies and, ultimately, County approval.

Additionally, I have copied Lt. Hyok Chong so he is aware of the need for enforcement.

I hope the above information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Update from Director Jose Gonzalez