Letter From Michael Bauman Re: Venetian Causeway Sun Pass


On Sept 23 we plan to go-live under the SunPass system and discontinue the usage of the C-Pass.  This means annual plan holders must continue to use their C-Pass until the evening of the 23rd, when there will no longer be toll collection staff and SunPass signage will be in place.  It is important that all Venetian Annual plan account holders provide us with a 12 or 13 digit SunPass transponder number.

Please see below.  We will be sending this to everyone on our Venetian Causeway email list later today.

 Michael R Bauman, Chief

Causeways Division

Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Management Department

Rickenbacker and Venetian Causeways

2601 Brickell Ave

Miami, Fl 33129




We have had a tremendous response from our Venetian Causeway customers providing their SunPass transponder numbers and asking questions about the SunPass conversion. Thank you for passing the information along to the residents and commuters.


We are finding that some points need clarification:


          I.    The Causeway annual pass, for both property owners and commuters, will be provided through the County at the same cost. The only cost relating to the SunPass conversion is to purchase a SunPass and set up the account, if the customer does not already have an account. Some have stated that they were under the impression that there would be charges on their SunPass account in addition to their annual fee. There will be no additional charges as long as the customers have an active SunPass transponder and have reported the transponder number to the Causeways Division.


        II.    The Causeways Division will not have access to any customer’s SunPass account. Annual fees cannot be deducted from this account. Similarly, any fees charged to this account will originate from the Turnpike, not the Causeways Division, Public Works and Waste Management Department or Miami-Dade County.


       III.    The C-Pass or C-Card device must be used until the “go-live” date. This date, currently expected to be on September 23, 2014, will be publicly announced. Once the conversion occurs, only SunPass transponders will be read and the C-Pass or C-Card will be obsolete.


       IV.    After conversion, the customers may return the C-Pass or C-Card for a deposit refund. Processing time for refunds is approximately 90 to 120 days.


As promised, we will keep you informed.

Thank you,



Causeways Division

Public Works and Waste Management Department

2601 Brickell Avenue

Miami, Florida 33129


Telephone: 305-285-9010

Email: tolls@miamidade.gov